Friday, 1 April 2011

For anyone who hasn't come across this yet. This is the Akinator Genie.
You think of an Actor, Sports Person, Character from a Novel, Movie or Game and it will most likely get it.
You do have to know about your character though. Any inaccurate answers may ruin it.
I spent ages on this, it's so much fun. If it guesses wrong that doesn't mean you've defeated it, only that it will try twice more to get your character and even then if you have defeated it a list comes up of characters that might be yours so.. give it a shot anyway.


Michael said...

It's hard to cheat on him.

Mattiaj said...

Dude thats AWESOME! I should send it to our grooms! Lots of time is going to be wasted with me playing with this! lol Visit my blog at

modernb said...

Woah that was good; thinking of my mother, when it asked if they harness electricity as a weapon or something I just figured they would be way off, but I'm impressed

dende said...

He knows me, how the fuck can he know me. Now im scared :S

taio said...


Nom de Plume said...

he's a genius!