Monday, 21 March 2011

Feel like passing an hour or two?

These are some games that I have come across recently that are ridiculously hard to stop playing.
Some internet flash games are absolute cat, but every now and then you stumble upon some works of genius.

First off :
Chances are you've come across games like this before and you really couldn't be arsed. That was my first impression anyway but give it a try and trust me you won't want to stop until you've completely upgraded that plane. As well as it being fun in has awesome music and a clever little story.
If you are looking for a bit of fast paced action and have good finger clicking reflexes then this is your game.
Simply get your character to just at the right time. Sounds simple doesn't it? Its mega-fun trust me.
Only one word can describe this game. Intense. With it's fast movement and music that makes your mind race this is the kind of game one would play with a 6pack of Red Bull within arm's reach.


Changinlife said...

Haha, I tried all these games before. It certainly does.

Every tried Epic Battle Fantasy? There's 3 games total and the first two takes about a hour and the third one takes forever to beat, but the best of them all xD.

turtle said...

thanks for those links.

i recently switched to ubuntu (linux) instead of windows so i haven't been able to do much playing :) these look like they could kill some time for me

Anonymous said...

Try Canabalt... That game's awesome!

Benny Lava said...

nice games man =)

following and supporting =) said...

nice games, but can you do me a favour and change the font to a font which can be read in a better way, this one looks really strange

Wilco said...

will play this some day. thanks following

Oregon chill said...

Everyone needs more games. I like what you're doing here. keep it up

Anonymous said...

WOW awesome litte games